• Lisa M. Hawk


Panic. Chaos. Change. Too many things to think about. Too many things to take care of. Sometimes everything is just too much. Today, during the COVID 19 pandemic, there is a change. Life is changing. Working, socializing, living. It is all changing. Not long ago, it was normal to go about your day, to work, getting groceries, children going to school and activities, without a thought of washing your hands after seeing someone. Now there is fear. Fear of people, germs, and the unknown. It may be hard to imagine but the world will be different when this is over. More people will work from home, people will change careers, businesses will close and others will take their places. People will continue to disinfectant and wear masks in public. There will be a new generation of hoarders, just as there was after the Great Depression. Whatever the changes are, the world will go on. The seasons will change. Children will grow. There will be good times and bad. We all need be ready to adapt. And change.

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